Traunkirchen, Austria - 2006

This page presents initial efforts to document my trip to Traunkirchen, Austria, in September, 2006 to attend the Inforum World Conference XIV. See the page on the Inforum site for details of the conference, including most of the papers presented and accompanying materials. There you will find my paper "Extensions to G7." This presentation summarized recent work on G7, the regression and data processing tool developed at Inforum. Recent important developments include addition of flow control features and the ability to read and write Excel files. I also presented recent work by Jeff Werling, Executive Director of Inforum, titled "The Inforum LIFT Model: Analysis of Illegal Immigration."

For Inforum partners, please also check our ftp server under Conferences/2006. There you will find the information distributed by CD at the conference, together with updated papers and pictures.



Other Documents: InvitationTraunkirchen.pdf.









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