Portland, Oregon - 2010

This page presents initial efforts to document my trip to Portland, Oregon in June-July, 2010. I arrived in Portland on June 23, the second day of the the 2010 meeting of the Western Economics Association. The 2010 annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture was held in conjunction with the WEA convention. On July 2, I presented my paper at a morning ASREC session.

"Does Theology Matter? A Theoretical Look at Religious Terrorists and Their Organizations." (Slides)

After the ASREC sessions concluded on Friday, we spent a week traveling through Oregon and Washington. On Saturday, we visited the Portland market, the Japanese Gardens, the Holocaust memorial, and other sites. On Sunday, we rented a car and drove through the Columbia River Gorge. We had dinner at the tree line on Mount Hood in an enormous lodge built during the last great stimulus program under FDR. Oddly, renovations were under way with funding from the current stimulus program. We then drove to a motel located between Mount St. Helens and Mt. Ranier. On Monday, we visited Mt. St. Helens, and Tuesday we saw Mt. Ranier. We continued on to Seattle. On Wednesday, we visited the Space Needle and the Seattle market. On Thursday, we concluded the trip with a visit to the Boeing assembly plant, the largest building in th world.

The following is an unedited collection of pictures from the trip. Unforutnately, I have none from Portland or the initial journey through the Gorge. We begin with a stop at a dam, fish ladder, and hatcheries along the Columbia River.

Columbia River Gorge

Mount Hood

Mount St. Helens

Mount Rainier



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