PhD Dissertation

This page provides a brief description of my dissertation.

The Economics of Nuclear Power

My dissertation was completed December, 2006 in the Economics Department at the University of Maryland. An abstract and bibliography is available.

Chapter 3, "Price Anderson Liability Limits," is available. Additional materials are available. A revised version of this chapter is under review.


John Rust, Advisor
Clopper Almon, Jr.
Douglas Meade
Allan Drazen
Vojislav Maksimovic, Dean's Representative

This work was written with LyX. Style sheets and other resources for writing UMCP dissertations with LyX are available. (Other UMCP dissertation TEX tools are here.) I employed these tools without modification, and my dissertation was accepted without trouble. I have not used these resources with recent versions of LyX, but I expect that they still will work. I also used Pybliographer to maintain my bibliography; it integrates nicely with LyX, but only on Linux/Mac systems.

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