Recommended Software

OpenOffice: An full-featured free office suite compatible with MS Office. Note recent support for MathType (download and install the extension) and for exporting in Latex format. Windows, Linux, Mac
ZoneAlarm: A free firewall. The commercial security suite also is good. Windows
AVG: A free antivirus program for Windows and Linux. Windows, Linux
Antivir: A free antivirus program for Windows and Linux. Windows, Linux
Spybot: A free spyware detection and removal tool. Includes additional useful tools. Windows
AdAware: A free adware detection and removal tool. Windows
SpywareBlaster: A free program to prevent installation of spyware. Windows
Firefox: A free web browser. Windows, Linux, Mac
Thunderbird: A free, highly-rated email client with excellent spam filtering. Windows, Linux, Mac
MozBackup: A free utility to back up and restore Thunderbird email and Firefox settings. Windows
Chrome: A fast, free web browser. Windows
Picasa: A free photo editing and management program. Windows, Linux
Inkscape: An Open Source vector graphics editor. Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix
The Gimp: A free but powerful image manipulation tool. Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix
Cygwin: Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. Windows
SuSe: SuSe: a friendly version of Linux. Linux

Knoppix: Knoppix runs Linux from a CD or DVD. Windows, Linux.

Lyx: An open-source frontend for LaTex. Similar to Scientific Word. Windows, Linux,Mac
Scribus: Open source desktop publishing. Windows, Linux,Mac
DenyHosts: A script intended to block ssh attacks on Linux servers. Linux
Rkhunter: A scanner to detect rootkits and other malware. Linux, Unix, Mac
RSSH: A restricted shell for SCP, SFTP, RDIST, RSYNC, and CVS. Linux, Unix
WinSCP: A GUI for SCP and SFTP. Windows.
TSA: A guide to freeware utilities. Windows, other.
CCleaner: An free file and registry cleaner. Windows.
EasyCleaner: A free file and registry cleaner. Windows.
Apache: An open source web server. Windows, Linux, Unix.
Bastille: A tool to harden systems and educate administrators. Linux, Unix, Mac.
Sea Monkey: Web-browser, e-mail, newsgroups, chat, and WYSIWYG HTML editing. Windows, Linux, Mac.
Quanta Plus: A powerful web development tool for KDE. Linux.
GLabel: A useful (though buggy-see the site for help) CD labeling program. Linux.
OOo Label Template: A useful CD labeling template for Open Office Draw. Windows, Linux, Mac.
WinMerge: A very nice visual file differencing and merging tool for Windows. Windows.
Meld: A visual diff and merge tool. Linux, Unix, Mac.
Speakeasy Speed Test A free test of Internet upload and download speeds from Speakeasy. Windows, Linux, Mac.
A collection of guides and tools for Excel. Windows, Mac.
CompEcon A numerical Matlab toolkit for dynamic programming and other analysis. Windows.
RATS Time-series econometrics software from Estima. Windows, Linux, Mac.

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